The Department of Computer Science and Information Systems was honored this January to receive the award for Best Overall Assessment Report from 2012-2013. Dr. Jean French is the assessment coordinator for the department as well as one of the two points of contact for the College of Science regarding assessment. The credit for this award goes to Dr. French and the others on her departmental assessment team! Dr. French compiled reports for both the Computer Science program and the Information Systems program.

The University-Wide Assessment Committe for Student Learning reviewed all of the more than fifty departmental assessment reports and came up with four reports to recommend to Interim Provost Dr. Ralph Byington for special recognition. The reports from Computer Science and Information Systems were ranked #1 out of these four.

The Department received recognition at the Spring General Faculty Meeting, as well as an official plaque and a cash award. Everyone in the CSIS Department is very proud of Dr. French's work.