Computer Science sophomore, Brian W. Atkinson, has received a research internship in high-performance computing as part of a collaboration between Coastal Carolina and Clemson University. This paid internship will focus on assisting in the design and implementation of new features for a parallel file system that is currently in use at supercomputing facilities around the world; an effort that will draw heavily on his C programming experience from CSCI 140 and 150. Over the next 15 months, Mr. Atkinson will be spending his summers at a Clemson University computer research facility and his Fall and Spring semesters working at Coastal Carolina while being a full-time student. “I'm pretty stoked about having the opportunity to learn about parallel and distributed computing. This experience will help me focus my interests about what I would like to work on in graduate school.”, said Mr. Atkinson during his first week on the job. He will be working closely with Dr. William Jones, a computer science professor at Coastal Carolina as well as Dr. Walt Ligon, an electrical and computer engineering professor at Clemson University. This position is funded by a subcontract Dr. Jones received from the Clemson University Cyberinstitute under a grant from the Department of Energy.