Computer science professor Dr. Brian Larkins was awarded an equipment and travel grant from the LittleFE initiative funded by the Shodor Education Foundation. The award includes an Intel and Nvidia-based portable cluster computer along with travel expenses to the 2011 International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis; the world's premier conference in supercomputing. Dr. Larkins, along with Dr. William Jones, will be traveling to this year's conference to assemble the cluster computer and to participate in the associated parallel and distributed educational program. “This cluster computer will provide our students a local computing platform to develop, test, and evaluate the performance of many different classes of parallel programs; something that is simply not possible using traditional laptop or desktop computers.”, says Dr. Larkins. “As CPU manufacturers continue to move from multi-core to many-core processors including dozens if not hundreds of cores, the types of skills our students can learn from using this new hardware platform will provide them a definitive edge as programmers on the types of systems that will become widely available over the next decade.” CCU students, Brian W. Atkinson and Ben Whetstone, also attended the conference. More information about the new cluster computer and the 2011 Supercomputing conference can be found at and, respectively.