The Information Technology degree at Coastal Carolina is a four-year undergraduate program resulting in a Bachelor of Science. The curriculum listed below consists of a set of foundation courses as well as a set of major courses. This course of study is in addition to the core curriculum common to all majors at Coastal Carolina University and described in the catalog.

The information presented on this page is to be used for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for the catalog requirements. Full details regarding the exact degree requirements can be found in the official course catalog. Please note that this program will appear in the forthcoming 2014-2015 University Catalog.

  • Foundation Courses

    CSCI 110Enterprise Business Applications
    CSCI 120Introduction to Web Page Applications
    CSCI 170Ethics in Computer Science
    CSCI 203Introduction to Web Application Development
    CSCI 211Computer Infrastructure
    CSCI 225Introduction to Relational Databases and SQL
    Pick one of:WritingENGL 102 or ENGL 211
    Pick one of:CommunicationENGL 290, ENGL 390, or COMM 140
    Pick one of: StatisticsCBAD 291,STAT 201/201L, PSYC 225/PSYC 225L
    Pick one of: Calculus MATH 132 or MATH 160
    Pick one of: Computer Science CSCI 101 or CSCI 130
    Pick one of: ProgrammingCSCI 135 or CSCI 140/140L
    Pick two of: Electives BINF 101/101L; BIOL 122/122L; BSHA 455; CBAD 203, 292, 364, 393; CHEM 112/112L; COMM 274, 341; CSCI 150/150L, 210, Any CSCI 300+; ECON 321; ENGR 101; ENVI 201/201L, 331/331L, GEOG 200, 204, 311, 400; GEOL 112/112L (=MSCI 112/112L); HPRO 380; MATH 161, 174, 220, 242/242L, 260, 320, 408; PHIL 110, 220, 315, 321; PHYS 212/212L, 213/213L, 321, 432; POLI 311, 421; PSYC 303; ROTC 201/201L; RSM 394; STAT 318; THEA 255, 356
  • Major Requirements

    CSCI 335Software Project Management
    CSCI 370Data Communication Systems and Networks
    CSCI 385Introduction to Information Systems Security
    CSCI 415Systems Administration
    CSCI 416Linux Systems Administration
    CSCI 427Systems Integration
    CSCI 444Human Computer Interaction
    Choose 1 CSCI course 300 level or above.
    A Minor is Required (Computer Science minor and Web Application Development minor may not be used to satisfy this requirement).
    **Students who transfer with an approved A.A.S. in Computer Technology from a SC Technical College may waive the minor requirement.**