The Computer Science degree at Coastal Carolina is a four-year undergraduate program resulting in a Bachelor of Science. The curriculum listed below consists of a set of minor courses. This course of study is in addition to the core curriculum common to all students at Coastal Carolina University and all major coursework required for degree completion.

The information presented on this page is to be used for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for the catalog requirements. Full details regarding the exact degree requirements can be found in the official course catalog.

  • CS Minor Courses

    CSCI 130Introduction to Computer Science
    CSCI 131LAlgorithmic Thinking
    CSCI 140Introduction to Algorithmic Design I
    CSCI 140LIntroduction to Algorithmic Design I Laboratory
    CSCI 150Introduction to Algorithmic Design II
    CSCI 150LIntroduction to Algorithmic Design II Laboratory
    CSCI 210Computer Organization and Programming
    CSCI 220Data Structures
    MATH 174Introduction to Discrete Mathematics
    One of: ElectiveCSCI course 300 or higher