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The Computer Science degree at Coastal Carolina is a four-year undergraduate program resulting in a Bachelor of Science. The curriculum listed below consists of a set of foundation courses as well as a set of major courses. This course of study is in addition to the core curriculum common to all majors at Coastal Carolina University and described in the catalog.

The information presented on this page is to be used for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for the catalog requirements. Full details regarding the exact degree requirements can be found in the official course catalog.

Please see the Student Forms Page to view/download departmental program outlines, as well as forms used by the Registrar's office.

  • Foundation Courses

    CSCI 130Introduction to Computer Science
    CSCI 131LAlgorithmic Thinking
    CSCI 140Introduction to Algorithmic Design I
    CSCI 140LIntroduction to Algorithmic Design I Laboratory
    CSCI 150Introduction to Algorithmic Design II
    CSCI 150LIntroduction to Algorithmic Design II Laboratory
    CSCI 170Ethics in Computer Science
    CSCI 210Computer Organization and Programming
    CSCI 220Data Structures
    MATH 160Calculus I
    MATH 161Calculus II
    MATH 174Introduction to Discrete Mathematics
    STAT 201Elementary Statistics
    STAT 201LElementary Statistics Computer Laboratory
    Pick one of:Programming ElectiveCSCI 203, CSCI 207, CSCI 225
    Pick one of:Math ElectiveCSCI 360, MATH 215, MATH 220, MATH 242, MATH 260, MATH 320, MATH 344, MATH 307, MATH 308
    Pick one of:Second ScienceBIOL 122/122L, CHEM 112/112L, MSCI 112/112L, PHYS 202/202L, PHYS 211/211L, PHYS 212/212L
    Pick one of: COMM 140 or
    ENGL 390
    Oral Communication or Business and Professional Communication
     ENGL 211Introduction to Technical and Professional Writing
  • Major Requirements

    CSCI 310Introduction to Computer Architecture
    CSCI 330Systems Analysis and Software Engineering
    CSCI 350Organization of Programming Languages
    CSCI 356Operating Systems
    CSCI 380Introduction to the Analysis of Algorithms
    CSCI 390Theory of Computation
    CSCI 450Principles of Compiler Design
    Pick three of:  
    CSCI 360Numerical Calculus
    CSCI 425Database Systems Design
    CSCI 440Introduction to Computer Graphics
    CSCI 445Image Processing and Analysis
    CSCI 460Algorithms in Bioinformatics
    CSCI 473Introduction to Parallel Systems
    CSCI 480Introduction to Artifical Intelligence
    CSCI 485Introduction to Robotics
    CSCI 490Software Engineering II
    One of: ElectiveCSCI course 300 or higher (except 399 or 497)